Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is an all volunteer group of individuals who oversee the operations of United Way of Seneca County. Though a member of the United Way of Worldwide and United Way of New York State, here in Seneca County, all fund raising, partner agency funding and policy decisions are made by local volunteer leadership and the resources are invested in the local community.


  • President – Jerry Macaluso
  • Vice-President – Lynne Doyle
  • Secretary – Derek Dyson
  • Treasurer – Dana Allen


  • Charlie Cappellino
  • Brian DeMillo
  • Jan Driscoll
  • Tim Hopkins
  • Jim Horton
  • Tim Houseknecht
  • Bob Kernan
  • Molly Mahoney-Thurston
  • Mary McDonald
  • Dede Olufsen
  • Gene Pierce
  • Fred Capozzi
  • Emily Siblosky
  • Tracy VanVleck
  • Tammy Mills
  • Linda Knight

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