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To mobilize the caring power
of our community to advance
the common good by
measurably improving lives.



The six core values that
provide the foundation on
which UWSC bases it actions
and decisions are:
Integrity, Impact, Sustainability, Volunteerism, Inclusiveness
and Catalytic Leadership.

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For Seneca County to be
a vital caring community
that supports the building
blocks for a good life that
a quality education,
a stable income,
and good health.

The Leadership Circle


Priority Areas:

1. Align with United Way World Wide (UWW) priority of community funding structured around program areas that include education, health and income as well as aligning with funding priorities corresponding to the prioritization of current and future community needs with a positive impact.

2. Educate, inform, engage and collaborate with more partner agencies, non-profit agencies and new populations in order to maximize collective impact on community needs.

3. Organization, Operations and Board Development.

4. Resource Development