Barbara’s Story

Creative Choices Child Care Center

My name is Barbara Westerberg and I’m the director at Creative Choices Child Care Center. I’m here to tell you about the importance of the United Way and how it helps my organization.

The most important thing is education. We at the center are present to care for all children. The best way we do this is by teaching them everything that we can. From infants to 4 year olds, the teachers instill as much knowledge as possible during the day, from arrival to departure. We start out with nursery rhymes, shapes and colors, all the way to patterns/sequencing, basic mathematical skills, and literature through books, poetry and song.

Not only do we work daily on educational skills, we also strive to give the children skills to develop socially. Each classroom works on self-help skills so our children become successful individuals. These skills range from self-feeding to social interactions with peers.
We as educators at Creative Choices Child Care Center strive to give as much as we can to all of the children that we serve. Without the help of the United Way and its donations to the center, we would not be able to help educate/teach as many children as we can.

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