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educationEducation is the cornerstone of individual and community success. But with a dropout rate of 78% we are facing an education crisis. The cost? Millions of dollars lost in wages, taxes and productivity over our lifetimes. These trends are reversible, but only when communities and public, private and nonprofit sectors work together. Our goal is to raise the graduation rate in Seneca County from 78% to 89% by 2018. In order to reach our goal we can’t just focus on high school, we must focus on education beginning at birth. Our strategies include:

Early Literacy

United Way of Seneca County helps to ensure that our children enter school ready to learn. With programs like Born Learning and the Seneca County Literacy Project we are encouraging our children to have a lifelong love for learning. Our work also focuses on increasing quality early child care and learning environments.

Secondary Career Opportunities

We are working with local school districts and community organizations to increase young people’s awareness to career opportunities after high-school. We also believe while students are in high school they need access to post-secondary coursework to prepare them for their college years. Another focus area is to provide young people with peer-to-peer mentoring and continual support for our parents.

Seneca County Youth Development Career Fair

Seneca County Partners for Children, Youth & Families hosts an annual career fair to expose local high school students to different career paths. Students speak with professionals one-on-one about relevant courses and education or training required for their position. Representatives from the hospitality, retail, agricultural, grocery, medical and human service industries plus many more are involved.

Environmental Issues

We understand that so many factors influence student success and if basic needs aren’t met then youth are at risk. We work with county government and our funded partner agencies to meet the basic needs of children including improving the environment so young people feel safe and healthy. Our work focuses on substance abuse, mental health and school/parent communication.

What You Can Do

We can’t do it alone. To reach our goal, we need your help. What can you do?

When you give to United Way you invest in helping children and youth achieve their full potential. Full list of Partner Agencies focusing on Education.

Research shows preschool-age years are critical for cognitive and social development, laying a foundation for success in college, work and life. To effectively reduce the high school dropout rate, we must begin by improving access to quality and affordable child care and early childhood education.

Funding for child care, Head Start, and Early Head Start is at immediate risk for deep budget cuts. With your help, we can show a broad base of national, state, and local support for investments in early childhood. Learn more

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