Our Story

Reaching Solutions
& Building Community

Issues. Solutions. Volunteers. Community. Do any of these words resonate when you think of the United Way of Seneca County? They should, because they all represent what we’re about. We are united in improving lives and advancing the common good in Seneca County. How you might ask? We identify urgent issues and work with volunteers to brainstorm solutions. We then mobilize the community behind these issues. This is done using the caring power of donors and community partners to give, volunteer and advocate for local people in need.

Community Investment & Impact

A community’s problems are too large and complex for any one individual or organization to tackle alone. So when we LIVE UNITED, we can together work on solving issues and ensuring a stronger, more vibrant community not just for today but for generations to come. The United Way of Seneca County raises funds and brings numerous organizations together to work on rooting out such things as hunger, poverty, homelessness, academic failure, and the challenges of our elderly population. Further, it’s your neighbors who are on the front lines of ensuring success.

In 2015-16, 23 partner and affiliated organizations received more than $192,000 to help them in their work. Thousands of clients received assistance in our impact areas of health, education, and financial services.

Additionally, your gifts support a variety of community projects. Last year $53,800 went to support food pantries in Interlaken, Ovid, Seneca Falls, and Tyre. Lunch programs in all four of the Seneca County school districts received funding. More than 5,800 people were directly impacted.

There’s More

Your United Way is working to involve and engage the local community in preventing substance abuse use and underage drinking among the area’s youth through the work of the Seneca County Substance Abuse Coalition housed here.

Using local community assessment date, the coalition sets priority problem areas to target. They have been working on educating youth & parents, changing parental attitudes regarding underage youth drinking, and the enactment of a social host law which makes parents or adults who serve or provide alcohol at their homes to minors or people who are obviously intoxicated liable. Working directly with parents, youth, law enforcement and a myriad of others, the Seneca County Substance Abuse Coalition is on the front lines of ensuring a healthy, save community.

With your help and support, the United Way of Seneca County provides the building blocks for a good life through efforts in health, education, and income. We’re bringing people together to work on Promoting Financial Stability and Independence among Working Families.

Take a look around and you’ll see the United Way of Seneca County making a difference each and every day. Whether it’s helping individuals prepare their tax returns to a ninth grade career fair, we’re here helping making to make our community stronger.


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