Literacy Project

literacy_celebration_08Building Literacy Skills

Literacy is the essential skill that encompasses the use of reading, writing, speaking and listening to find meaning, solve problems, and communicate information for a variety of personal and professional uses. – As defined by the Literacy Subcommittee 12/9/04

Is it news to you that the following is true?

A high percentage of students during kindergarten screening fall below average in school readiness skills.

Many parents lack the information on ways to provide pre-literacy experiences for their children.

Early literacy prevention support and strategies can often prevent children from becoming classified as special needs students.

Literacy in adults can lead to higher paying jobs and opportunities for families to break the cycle of poverty.

The Goal of the Seneca County Literacy Group is:

To create a culture of literacy in which all children have early, frequent and pleasurable experiences with books, as part of their everyday life.

We strive to:

  • Reach families early helping them to understand the benefits of reading to their children
  • Provide children with books of their own to build a positive association with reading
  • Strengthen the relationship with books and promote the use of libraries
  • Reach families through existing networks
    Involve the entire community

Seneca County Literacy Week

2005 – Harvest a Good Book:READ!
2006 – Wild About Books: READ!
2007 – At Home with Books: READ!
2008 – Adventures with Books: READ!
2009- Recycle with Books: READ!

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