Partners for Children


Seneca County Partners for Children, Youth and Families – Collaboration for Community Change

Seneca County Partners for Children, Youth and Families is the county-wide network of people and organizations committed to providing a high quality of life for the Seneca County community. This local partnership convened by the United Way includes all four county public schools, Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES, the Seneca County Division of Human Services (including the human services, the Youth Bureau, Workforce Development, and Probation), community organizations, law enforcement, county agencies, faith partners, parents and youth as active participants.

Launched by the United Way of Seneca County in 1997, the vision remains that as ‘partners’ we will coordinate efforts of existing resources to cultivate an environment in which our children will:

  • Be born healthy
  • Be prepared to enter school
  • Succeed in school
  • Have opportunities for positive youth development
  • Experience family support and stability
  • Have access to needed services; and
  • Become self-sufficient, community members

Where the impact of the existing services for families is inadequate, the partnership develops additional resources to provide for unmet needs of children and families.

In 1998, the partners initially prioritized these critical issues:

  • Lack of communication between existing programs and service providers, resulting in
  • Lack of service coordination, duplication of services, or inadequate services to meet current needs
  • Lack of a county-wide public transportation system
  • Few opportunities for youth
  • Communication (Education/Information/Clearing House)
  • Accessibility (Transportation, one stop information)
  • A current, comprehensive community assessment including strengths, needs and opportunities

What has happened since 1998?

  • Implementation of a county-wide public transportation system
  • Focus on county-wide issues/alignment
  • Collaborative Programs, both long and short-term
  • Advocacy and Education – at the community, regional and state levels
  • Reaffirmation of the commitment to collaborate as “Partners”
  • 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant from NYS Department of Education to provide after school programs for middle and high school students in all four school districts (Partners plans to reapply for this in 2011).
  • ACT for Youth Grant to coordinate the efforts of the partnership, and facilitate community change around positive youth development, recognizing youth as invaluable community resources rather than “problems to be fixed.”
  • Formation of the Seneca County Housing Coalition
  • Launch of the Seneca County Literacy Project

The 10-year celebration of Seneca County Partners for Children, Youth and Families recognized successes to date. The business portion of the meeting included approval of organizational by-laws and the slate of officers, public release of the community profile, and strategic planning by community stakeholders, with commitment to specific action steps and accountability for results.

Action Teams that make-up Partners:

  • Core Team
  • Early Childhood
  • Early Literacy
  • Family Wellness
  • Housing
  • Literacy (Grade 6-Adult)
  • Substance Abuse
  • Youth Development

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