Substance Abuse Coalition

Reducing Underage Drinking in Seneca County


The Substance Abuse Coalition, formerly the Seneca County Substance Abuse Task Force, was established in 1989 as a subcommittee of Seneca County Partners for Children, Youth and Families.

The coalition convenes local and regional educators, human service organizations, private businesses, local and county government, law enforcement, substance abuse counselors and treatments centers to eliminate underage drinking and promote a drug-free community. In March 2011, United Way of Seneca County was awarded a three-year grant from New York State OASES to reduce underage drinking among 9th-12th grade students. The grant is made possible by the work of the Substance Abuse Coalition.

Special Project

Project Sticker Shock

substance_ad_stickershockProject Sticker Shock is a countywide campaign to reduce underage drinking by limiting underage youth access to alcohol. The goal is to educate adults who provide alcohol to youth about laws that prohibit furnishing alcohol to minors. Volunteers placed warning stickers on alcoholic beverages at participating local stores during peak seasons. The sticker warns that it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors. Project Sticker Shock was well received by the business community and many of them now work collaboratively with the Coalition.

Graphic Design Contest

substance_billboard_2010In 2010 and 2011, The Seneca County Substance Abuse Coalition sponsored annual billboard graphic design contest in local high schools to promote the message “Underage Drinking –Not a Minor Problem.” The underage drinking prevention campaign is designed to raise awareness of the serious consequences of drinking and deliver prevention messages.

substance_billboard_2011Winners received a cash prize and their design was used on billboards across Seneca County.

or more information about how you can be involved contact Steven Capozzi, Substance Abuse Collaborations Coordinator at

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