Our Local Volunteers

Herb Wurstner (1927-1998) was a devoted United Way volunteer for over 10 years. His efforts and activities with United Way and the other organizations he served define the essence of volunteering. In honor of Wurstner’s legacy of service, The Herb Wurstner Award honors local volunteers nominated by their community every February at the Annual Meeting.

Through a volunteer’s eyes… by various community members

“Working on the United Way campaign has been an eye-opening experience for me as the employees at ITT consistently provide their support as campaign leaders and are generous in their pledges. Many employees related their personal experiences with the United Way agencies or their desire to support the community. I find it to be a rewarding experience and opportunity to work and talk with people that I don’t otherwise interact with on a daily basis. “

– Adrienne Burgess

“Serving on a Non-Profit Board has made me see people through different eyes. I feel sadness for people who are abused or who lack resources to provide for themselves and their children. But I feel happiness seeing a youth having his/her first experience as a Scout. I feel pride in the preservation of our history and the willingness of people to volunteer their resources and time to assist others.”

– Dick Laude

“Helping United Way make decisions for distribution of community investment funds has been an opportunity for me to assist agencies I am ordinarily not able to fund.”

– Charlie Schillaci

“Working on the community investment committee has a similarity to the capture of a perfect photo: The lens of the committee can zero in on the financial and personnel details for the various agencies, then zoom out to catch the broader spectrum of how all the image fits the scope of the final picture, the investment of the United Way dollars.”

– Dede Olufsen

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